Black Sticky Slime

The character is basically created by someone’s depression. Depression makes people sad and miserable. These kind of feeling hurt hopes, confidence, even people’ lives. If you just let…

blurred vision

University life is ever so stranger, my sleeping patterns are something which I can only dream of having, the dorms flooded with people, figuring out between day and…

Bossy Barracuda

Whether it’s group work or independent I feel the need to tell others they need to contribute. Even though it from a place of trying to motivate it…

Bubbly zombie

Sleep deprived but still smiling and trying to make everyone happy and influence them positively.

California Dreamer

The California Dreamer is taking all work energy and refocussing it into holiday mode. Every thought, every conversation turns into thoughts of holiday and Californian sunshine. Not great…

Cat Herder

I feel that since getting in my group not many people have been proactive, for instance during the meetings where people are putting ideas forward and getting involved….

Coffee Snatcher

This little monster steals coffee! I am going to start locking it away!

Concerned Caterpillar

I’m very happy with the people in the group that has been formed and our choice of topic. But I fear that as I haven’t worked with them…

Fish Biscuit Eater

A vicious little fish shaped biscuit or is it the other way around? It gets in the way of completing anything by distracting you. It thinks it is…

Focus Octopus

The Focus Octopus tries to handle different interests with each of its tentacles, but there aren’t enough tentacles. It’s a dreadful monster that hinders creativity and overall production.