The Compendium of Bothersome Beasties (and how to deal with them): A tool for Self-Reflection & Formative Assessment.

Throughout our studies, we are often plagued by irksome issues and pesky problems. These can range from ‘I don’t know what I need to do for my assessment’ to ‘I really don’t want to give a presentation in front of others’ and everything else in-between! However, I shall let you into a little secret. I bet you didn’t know that really, when you get a moment of self-doubt or when you are about to write an assignment and you get writers block, that you have really been the victim of a Bothersome Beastie.

Bothersome Beasties are critters, fairies, goblins, trolls and other wondrous things that worm their way into our lives and like nothing better than to create chaos and cause confusion! When we find a Beastie has unexpectedly emerged, the best way to overcome the troublesome troublemaker is to write them down into the Compendium so everyone can see them and know that they exist. The more they are known about, the shyer they become.

The Compendium is a place to record and browse through all of the Bothersome Beasties that have surfaced and plagued learners (and lecturers) on various course modules. We, the curators of the Compendium, inspect and take note of all the Beasties that are recorded within the Compendium and directly offer to you in return, our expert and friendly advice on how to rid such a Beastie from your life, ensuring you can continue your studies in peace and quiet.

The why and theory bit.

The Compendium is a tool to help you build self-reflection techniques and an awareness of your thought-processes that occur at any point on your learning journey.  Please treat the Compendium as a platform to troubleshoot and share your weak spots and issues with others on your course. Doing so will help yourself and others identify any difficulties that appear, and aid you in developing strategies to succeed over them. The benefits of successfully identifying problems and developing strategies to resolve them, are that these experiences can be drawn from and applied to any future similar issues at a later date. The goal is to become a better learner and learn how to apply knowledge learnt to other areas of your life.

The Compendium is for people to come together and learn from one another. Everyone is on their own individual learning journey with different struggles and concerns. The Compendium is a safe space in which learners can find support, and peer care and reassurance is encouraged.

As well as a place to reflect on your individual problems and support your peers, we the curators (your lecturers), will provide you direct formative assessment (feedback) on any Beastie you post into the Compendium. We promise to offer advice, and provide meaningful support to help you overcome your Beastie in a timely manner, allowing you to rise victorious and move onwards and upwards in your pursuit of knowledge!

“For student reflection to be meaningful, it must be metacognitive, applicable, and shared with others.” Larissa Pahomov