To record a Beastie all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  1. Pick a character name. Every time you record a Beastie, ensure you submit it under the same character name. It is vital you spell it correctly each time. This allows you (and us) to search through the Compendium using your character name to bring up all of your posts that you have made over the lifetime of the course. This is a great way for you to reflect back on your learning, and utilise this information for further reflections. Your character name makes you semi-anonymous meaning that you can either share your name with your classmates and lecturers, or keep it to yourself if you would rather not be known.
  2.  When you are ready to record a Beastie, go to the left-hand main menu and click: Create a Beastie. Fill out the form.
  3.  Give your new Beastie an interesting and Unique name.
  4. Upload an image of your Beastie (You can either draw your own, take a photo of something Beastie like, select a pre-made Beastie from the Media Library or source an image from the web).
  5. Tell us who is uploading the Beastie (your character name).
  6. Write a description of your Beastie – The more detail you put in here the better and the more we can feedback help and information to you. Remember, the object here is to reflect on the issue that you are having. Why is this such a problem for you and how is it effecting your studies? Try and critically reflect on the issue and have a go at identifying ways that you could tackle the problem in your description. For example: If you are struggling with researching a topic, you may reflect that you need to go and see a subject librarian who can help you develop your research skills.
  7. Once you are happy with your description of your Beastie, you need to give it a category. Beasties come in a variety of different types, affecting different areas of our lives. There is a pre-made list of different Beastie categories such as Confidence and Creativity. Or you can select the ‘Create your Own’ option if the others are not a good fit.
  8. Tag your Beastie with your course module number and date (year). This allows for quick searching for all the Beasties that have been documented for a specific course and year.
  9. If you need the curators (lecturers) direct attention, you can write us a note at the end of the form. This comes direct to us and will not be published online. We will then get back to you.
  10. Finally, share your Beastie. Once your Beastie is published, it will be live for your classmates and your lecturers to view and comment on. Make as many Beasties as you like (and at least once a week!). And there we go. Easy. Go forth and start capturing those Beasties.