blurred vision

University life is ever so stranger, my sleeping patterns are something which I can only dream of having, the dorms flooded with people, figuring out between day and night is becoming harder, as exams draw near, trying to finish of the last of the course work, as pressure builds tensions increase exponentially, I find myself at a cross road, the adversity all students find themselves crossing, as dreamers we know it is dangerous to fly, but as leaders we speak our voice even though the whole world does not see what only the heart feels.

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  1. Dear Avere,

    the blurred vision beastie is tricky as it attacks you from lots of different angles. Most notably the sleeping patterns that cause issues with everything need to be tackled first. Try and set yourself a sleeping schedule that you go t bed and wake up at every day. Invest in some ear plugs (there are some for free on the top floor of the library!) to block out the noise of people coming and going in the dorm. Once you start sleeping, you will find your energy and concentration for other tasks will increase, and will in turn banish this beastie! If anxiety is keeping you from sleeping then maybe its time to talk to someone. We have experts who can help you through these feelings and support can be found here:

    You can also email me directly if you just want to sit down and discuss any anxiety issues or if you just want a cup of tea.

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